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About Us

Trumio =  "truly for me"


Trumio is an upcoming online platform for global  entrepreneurs, talent and businesses. It will offer new ways of connecting, finding and delivering on  work outcomes with full collaboration and ownership. This can be a supplement or extension to traditional employment or an independent career choice. With the rapid evolution and coming together of new technologies, skills, and attitudes, along with the generational change already underway, our relationship to work is truly at an inflection point.


Get ready to embrace exciting new opportunities in this fast-changing future  with Trumio!







Ronnie Ray

Co-founder & CEO

Ronnie has a proven track record of creating  new value from the ground up as a software entrepreneur, as well as a thought leader and business executive, driving success at scale in technology companies.


Most recently Ronnie was at Cisco Systems, where he led major software product innovations through the entire life cycle from ideation to launch to broad industry adoption. Prior to Cisco, Ronnie led product and technology functions at both public and private software companies, and in his own startups, that were leaders in their category.

Ronnie's vision of creating new opportunities for global talent where they find purpose, engagement and fulfilling experiences with innovation and financial freedom at its core, is the fuel behind Trumio



Pradip Fatehpuria

Co-founder & CTO

Pradip is a visionary leader in innovation and technology with deep experience in developing cutting-edge products and services across diverse domains. From machine-human interactions to scalable cloud services and AI/ML infrastructure, he has consistently delivered breakthrough solutions delivering new user value.

Pradip firmly believes that creativity is the key driver of technological progress and has successfully led high-performing teams in industry leaders such as Microsoft and VMware to deliver game changing product capabilities. With 13 patents to his name, Pradip is passionate about exploring new frontiers and harnessing the power of AI to shape the future of work in positive ways.


Fun Fact

Pradip and Ronnie have known each other since their college days at IIT. 


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